About us

"Natural products need not to be processed". We, at Freshco never process and dry fruit that allows you to intake all the minerals, vitamins and essential elements directly. 

Freshco offers its wide range of dry fruit and nuts  products to retail customers with air tight packets, that allows nutrients to be fresh and ready to eat. Freshco is one of the largest brand in India that offer Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios and other dry fruits in any part of India.

We never compromise with quality and never want to loose any nutrients that why we have invested heavily in mechanical technology to achieve  hygiene standards required to ensure its safe to eat directly. We have picked farms in India where all the dry fruits are grown as per agricultural standards with no pesticide usage during its production. For imported products we maintain all fssai standards.

What we have achieved till now:

Become one of the pioneer brand for dry fruits & nuts  in India

One of the Largest importer of California Almonds

Widest range of dry fruit supplier and seller at retail & whole sale market

Supplying to many food processing, super markets and supply chain stores

Custom packing in-house facilities and logistics service to deliver unto last milestone

Registered Brand to cater quality products

Our Vision

Ensure the nutrients contain at optimum level in each piece of nuts & dry fruits so that you can enjoy the taste and gain energy from your first bite.